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Introduction to Breastfeeding 101

Whether this is your first child or second child, I want to take a moment to welcome you here to this space.  Some of you may access this article before your infant arrives, and some of you after. Learning about … Continue reading

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Guest Post on Postpartum Psychosis and Breastfeeding

It would be cathartic to share my story and print my name and say to other women, this is real, and here is my story – but the social stigma is still too much to cope with. I knew eventually … Continue reading

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Dr. Jack Newman’s APNO Recipe

  THE “ALL-PURPOSE NIPPLE OINTMENT” OR APNO We call our nipple ointment “all purpose” since it contains ingredients that help deal with multiple causes or aggravating factors of sore nipples. Breastfeeding parents with sore nipples don’t have time to try … Continue reading

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Guest Post: A mother’s birth and breastfeeding story

I decided when I found out I was pregnant, to do all that I could for my child from the start. I changed my household and beauty products. I began to strictly buy the best food available. Thankfully, it is … Continue reading

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Emily and Zora

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What Causes Low Milk Production?

Many mothers worry that they may not produce enough milk for their babies. Well-meaning friends and relatives share their own experiences or stories they have heard from others in an effort to prepare expectant mothers for the worst. Even before … Continue reading

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