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Frequently Asked Questions About Breastfeeding and Diet

Many mothers wonder how their diets may affect the quantity and quality of their breastmilk. With so much emphasis in both the popular media and the medical literature on the effects of processed foods, sugar, and artificial ingredients on health, … Continue reading

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The Alphabet Soup of Breastfeeding Support

Because breastfeeding can have a positive lifelong effect on your baby’s health and development as well as your own health, its importance is widely recognized in the health-care field. However, many mothers find themselves unsure where to turn for help … Continue reading

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Avoiding Holiday Weaning

During the holiday season, breastfeeding specialists and support groups anticipate more calls about low milk production, fussy babies, breast pain, and nursing strikes. With all the excitement and activity, it is no wonder that breastfeeding can be unintentionally disrupted leading … Continue reading

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Southwest Chicken Soup

Southwest Chicken Soup With a few inexpensive ingredients, you can make a filling and nutritious meal in no time! This recipe makes enough for 6 hungry adults. You can double it and feed a house full. 1-2 lbs chicken–breast, whole … Continue reading

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Asian-style chicken and broccoli

Here’s a quick, inexpensive, and healthful meal that is both simple and delicious. Use what you have in your pantry to make a simple marinade and sauce that will bring your family running to the table. 1 lbs chicken breast … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding During Emergencies

Emergencies can happen at anytime, often with little or no warning.  Natural disasters can force families to live without power for days at a time. Families may be evacuated to a safer area, displaced due to loss or damage to their … Continue reading

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