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Breastfeeding myths busted: The lowdown on common breastfeeding misconceptions (part 2)

    Myth: There is no way to tell a baby is getting milk while breastfeeding. Fact:  Although breasts do not have ounce markers, you can tell your baby is getting milk while breastfeeding in several simple ways. Watch for … Continue reading

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Good food, FAST (and cheap)!

We are starting a new category of posts here at Native Mothering called Food and Fitness. We will use this category to share inexpensive recipes that can feed a few or a crowd, as well as information about diet, fitness, and weight loss. Our … Continue reading

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Vitamin D and Breastfeeding

Vitamin D is making headlines as more and more information is emerging about its effects on the human body. Mothers often ask how they can get enough vitamin D or if supplemental vitamin D is really necessary.  It is not … Continue reading

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Why do I feel so sleepy when I nurse?

Many mothers struggle to stay alert when nursing, particularly in the middle of the night. Some of the fatigue of mothering can be contributed to broken sleep; however, there is more to this topic than lack of sleep. Even during … Continue reading

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Diabetes Resources

Links to important diabetes information and services for Native families Continue reading

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Infant Feeding Resources

Why is breastfeeding important? Find out here. Continue reading

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