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Guest Post: A mother’s birth and breastfeeding story

I decided when I found out I was pregnant, to do all that I could for my child from the start. I changed my household and beauty products. I began to strictly buy the best food available. Thankfully, it is … Continue reading

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¿Qué tiene la leche materna?

Traducción: Laura Nafissi, Vanina Schoeijett, Verónica Garea, IBCLC. Revisión: Delfina Medeot Puede ser que hayas escuchado a las mujeres de tu comunidad, quizá tu madre o tu abuela, hablando de amamantar a sus bebés. Mucha gente dice que amamantar es … Continue reading

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Emily and Zora

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10 Tips for Breastfeeding in Public–With Confidence!

New mothers need to be out and about with their babies and often have lots of questions about breastfeeding away from home. Here are some easy tips to help you breastfeed fearlessly anywhere. 1. Attend a breastfeeding support group or … Continue reading

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Frequently Asked Questions About Breastfeeding and Diet

Many mothers wonder how their diets may affect the quantity and quality of their breastmilk. With so much emphasis in both the popular media and the medical literature on the effects of processed foods, sugar, and artificial ingredients on health, … Continue reading

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The Alphabet Soup of Breastfeeding Support

Because breastfeeding can have a positive lifelong effect on your baby’s health and development as well as your own health, its importance is widely recognized in the health-care field. However, many mothers find themselves unsure where to turn for help … Continue reading

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