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10 Ways Families Can Support Breastfeeding

You are welcoming a new baby to the family. Congratulations! Breastfeeding is one of the healthiest, most rewarding things a mom can do for her baby. It is only natural that you want to support the new mother in breastfeeding … Continue reading

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Frequently Asked Questions About Breastfeeding and Diet

Many mothers wonder how their diets may affect the quantity and quality of their breastmilk. With so much emphasis in both the popular media and the medical literature on the effects of processed foods, sugar, and artificial ingredients on health, … Continue reading

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Avoiding Holiday Weaning

During the holiday season, breastfeeding specialists and support groups anticipate more calls about low milk production, fussy babies, breast pain, and nursing strikes. With all the excitement and activity, it is no wonder that breastfeeding can be unintentionally disrupted leading … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding myths busted: The lowdown on common breastfeeding misconceptions (part 2)

    Myth: There is no way to tell a baby is getting milk while breastfeeding. Fact:  Although breasts do not have ounce markers, you can tell your baby is getting milk while breastfeeding in several simple ways. Watch for … Continue reading

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A Natural Approach to Birth Control

Did you know there’s a birth control method that works completely with your own body’s fertility signs and signals? Are you aware that this method can be used safely during breastfeeding, and doesn’t require any drugs or chemicals, or contraceptive … Continue reading

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