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How can I pump more breastmilk?

Moms who need to express their milk exclusively or in addition to breastfeeding are often concerned about their milk production. Combining breast massage and hand expression with pumping can help moms remove more milk and drain the breast more fully. Put … Continue reading

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Returning to Work: The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide

Returning to work after giving birth can be stressful for many mothers and their families. It is often hard to adjust to being both a mother and an employee, and you may have mixed feelings about leaving your baby.  Mothers … Continue reading

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Preparing for Your Return to Work: The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide

When a family is expecting a baby, it’s a time full of wonder and happy expectation. For months, a mother feels fluttering and quickening, the soft movements of her baby. For many families, it is also a time for making … Continue reading

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